Want more exposure and eyes directed towards your listing? There are products available on Viewit.ca designed to increase visibility to your VIT and connection to tenants using the website. For a brief description and screenshot of each of these opportunities, click on the ‘Featured Vacancy’, ‘Sponsored Listing’ and ‘Listing Banner’ links shown to the left or below.

Get noticed before the search gets started! There is an area on entry pages (such as Viewit.ca’s home page, province pages and city pages) devoted to a maximum of 6 showcased listings, which means the tenant sees your vacancy before selecting search criteria. The area is labeled "Featured Vacancy" and also includes a short descriptor tag (or call to action) which you can compose yourself.

Show up first on the list! Although the sort order of Viewit.ca’s result pages are randomly generated each day, the top spot on the first page can be secured, and it is labeled ‘Sponsored Listing’. Each city (or zone in Toronto) has only one top #1 position (Sponsored Listing) for each bedroom category and rental price range

Have your listing appear on more than one page! The listing banner is an additional listing that appears at the top of result pages, on every page except the first page. Each city (or zone in Toronto) has a possible 5 spots for each bedroom category and rental price range, and one listing is picked at random for each page. In situations where a tenant’s search returns many pages, a given ViT could be shown on several of them, thus increasing the number of opportunities for a tenant to view the vacancy.

Viewit can install a small sign for your front lawn, showing the direct link to active advertisements in your house. Many people prefer to stay within their neighbourhood, moving short distances - seeing a lawn sign can initiate an inquiry from a prospective tenant who walks or drives past your house. You can also keep the sign for the future – your unique ViT is permanent (the link will stay the same if your tenant wants to move) so your sign can be reused.