How to search with the maps

All the maps are point-and-click.
It is possible to zoom into the GTA area by clicking 'Toronto'.
You can zoom in further into neighbourhoods by selecting 'Zoom' option.
You can search more than one area by selecting the 'Multiple Areas' option.
Click the 'Search' button when the desired areas have been highlighted.
Choose the desired price, bedrooms number & housing type by clicking the checkboxes.
More help can be found 

How to see a specific ViT

From the home page, type the ViT# in the left-hand side box.
Click the accompanying orange arrow.

How to advertise on Viewit.ca

a. Get in touch with the Viewit.ca staff here

b. Sign up for an advertisment here

c. Learn more about placing an ad with Viewit.ca 

Helpful links

Landlords and tenants find some moving/tenancy resources on our links page