Apartments for rent in Toronto (Ontario)

Toronto is the capital of Ontario, and Canada's largest city with one-quarter of the nation’s population located within 160 km. With 2.6 million residents, Toronto is also the 4th largest city in North America. The city has upwards of 240 distinct neighbourhoods within its boundaries, meaning that apartments can be found in many diverse communities. In 1998, Toronto grew to encompass the former municipalities of York, East York, North York, Etobicoke, and Scarborough, although most still maintain their own distinct identity and names. Toronto’s public transit system is the second largest in North America and has the highest per capita ridership rate on the continent. Any commute while searching for apartments around the city is easily done with the help of more than 2,400 subway vehicles, buses and trains. The uniquely Torontonian bay-and-gable housing style is common throughout the original city, although the rental condominium market has exploded in popularity in recent years. The "inner ring" suburbs of York and East York are older, predominantly middle-income areas, and ethnically diverse. Much of the apartments in these areas consist of old pre-war single-family houses and post-war high-rises. Many of the neighbourhoods in these areas were built up as streetcar suburbs and contain many dense and mixed-use streets. The "outer ring" suburbs of Etobicoke, Scarborough, and North York are more suburban in nature.

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Toronto, ON

Toronto is the biggest and most distinctive city in Canada and has something for everyone. If you live here - beaches, museums, small-town-like areas, cultural communities, and much more are literally at your doorstep. Toronto's greatest asset is that it fulfills all of your needs and its biggest downfall is being overwhelmed by so many options.

Toronto offers an astounding number of housing possibilities. To counter this, choose a few desirable locations with rents that are within your budget. When searching for a Toronto apartment for rent, make sure you're being reasonable about the city's average rent before you view it. Toronto is one of the priciest markets in Canada, so you could experience some shock before accepting the rental rates here! Keep in mind that the housing market is competitive. You must not only be prepared to assess locations rapidly, but you must often decide swiftly whether to take them or not. If you wait too long, they can be gone. You might also have to make the difficult choice to downsize. If you're looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in Toronto, you may have to settle for a 1 bedroom instead. Take a look for Toronto rental apartments on our website.

Starting your housing search

Looking for a place to live in Toronto? Prepare yourself to take some tours. Even while rental websites for these areas often offer excellent listings, you should still visit and view your potential home. In any case, it's important to choose 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, or 4 bedroom apartments for rent in Toronto while browsing for rentals. Whether you're looking for hardwood flooring, ceramic flooring, or carpeted flooring, be sure to tailor your search criteria to just what you want. Apartment complexes that are all-inclusive are still available (and some will even throw in parking if you haggle). Just keep in mind that Toronto no longer offers affordable rentals unless you're ready to share a space or have a connection for a basement flat that the owners are renting out privately.

Researching Property Types

The nicest thing about living in the biggest city in Canada? The options. Toronto will have everything you need - all you need to do is look. You'll be surprised at how many possibilities there are in Canada's biggest metropolis if you narrow down your search based on your demands and way of life.


You’re probably likely searching for Toronto apartments for rent throughout your first few years since the city is expanding quickly and the cost of real estate is increasing much faster. Property management companies often oversee large housing complexes. In order to ensure that the person who owns or manages your new house has a good reputation, conduct your homework before signing a lease.


You don't have to be creative to live in a studio apartment, despite what the term may imply. Due to the increase in demand for studio apartments for rent in Toronto, many older buildings have transformed their interior areas into several studio apartments. Do your research and make sure you have the correct inquiries. You could pay for subpar construction work in the long run.


You will only be provided with one room. Renting a bachelor apartment in Toronto may often be a cost effective choice for those ready to give up some additional room. Your living room, dining area, and kitchen will all be in one space, but the disorganized should be cautioned. You'll need to fit a lot of things into a tiny area.


In the Toronto region, several homeowners have turned their basements into flats. Always inquire about the residents above and how loud they are. How is the parking? How will the cost of utilities be divided? Renting a basement apartment in Toronto may be handy and economical.


A building with two apartments is essentially what a duplex in Toronto is. For less money than a single family home, a duplex offers a floor design that is similar to a house. With additional features like a semi-private outdoor area, it's an improvement above a regular apartment or condo. A duplex may provide the ideal accommodation for certain families or groups of roommates who want to live in both an apartment and a single-family house.


Old industrial and commercial structures that have been converted into modern, stylish flats are called lofts. The ideal fusion of style and room may be available in Toronto lofts for rent. They do tend to cost a little bit more than the typical apartment since they have concrete or ceramic flooring, large windows, and exposed ventilation.


You may have to go outside of the downtown area to locate a completely detached home in Toronto since they can be a bit difficult to come by. Start your search for Toronto rental homes in North York, Etobicoke, Mississauga, or Scarborough. You will often be responsible for your own utilities, so be mindful to ask which ones you’ll be paying for.


Looking for a short term residence or are you a newcomer to the city with few belongings? Look for shared space rooms for rent in Toronto. Just remember to remain flexible since coexisting with others requires making compromises.


Need a touch more space but still want to reside near the city centre? Townhouses for rent in Toronto may be an excellent option for you. Townhouses, which are ideal for groups of friends and families, may even feature private outdoor space for your enjoyment.


Have you ever fantasized about residing in one of the condo towers that comprise the Toronto skyline? To attract the most desirable tenants, condos for rent in Toronto typically offer an abundance of additional features, including pools, gyms, and event spaces. Consult the building's management or superintendent beforehand to discover its rules and regulations.

Desired Amenities

It is simpler than you think to find an apartment that suits your lifestyle - use our popular search criteria to find your ideal new home and the amenities you need to relax and make life easier.

Disabled Access

Although there are a great number of Toronto wheelchair accessible apartments for rent, not every property will have the necessary features to accommodate a wheelchair user. Apartments on the ground floor and large structures with elevators are common and simple to locate. Your accessibility requirements should be relayed to any prospective landlord.


After a lengthy day of work, nothing is better than unwinding by a pool. Currently, many Toronto apartments for rent include a pool for tenant use. Be mindful to inspect the pool area during your tour as some buildings maintain their facilities better than others.


Physical activity may play a crucial role in your daily regimen. Fortunately, many Toronto condo residences include fitness facilities. The availability of equipment within walking distance is undoubtedly a plus. Before signing a lease, be sure to inspect the property and inquire about the cleaning schedule/policy and the equipment itself. An inadequately maintained building can be indicated by poorly maintained equipment.


Fireplaces in Toronto apartments for rent are typically ornamental and located in older structures that have been converted into apartments. Ask the landlord or superintendent about the fireplace - if it’s functional, find out if it is gas, electric, or wood-burning so you can use it safely.


Dishwasher equipped residences in Toronto are common and convenient. If you are responsible for your own water bill, dishwashers can be more efficient than manual washing.


It can be difficult to locate an apartment with a private yard in Toronto. Apartments for rent in Toronto that include a balcony are common. Be careful to inquire about the rules, as most buildings prohibit BBQs and suspended decorations for safety reasons. However, adding seating or a small table can greatly enhance your space.

Air Conditioning

Canada is well known for its frigid winters. Occasionally, however, we neglect that during the summer, the temperature can soar. Because of this, Toronto residences with air conditioning are in high demand. Ask the building manager or landlord about the AC appliance. Is it central air? Is it a casement air conditioner or a window unit? These can make a significant distinction for individuals who require a cooler place to unwind.

Laundry Facilities

Unless you intend to take all of your clothing to a dry cleaner or launder them by hand in your bathtub, you will need access to a washer and dryer. It is simple to discover Toronto apartments for rent with a washer and dryer, whether the units are in-suite or shared for the entire building.

Specialty Housing Filters

There are many available residences in Toronto; refine your search to return results that match your budget, timeline, and lifestyle.

Pet Friendly

Some individuals cannot survive without their companions. Who could fault them? There are numerous pet-friendly apartments available for rent in Toronto. Fortunately, Toronto's neighbourhoods are filled with numerous, well maintained parks. Therefore, if you need to transport your pet outside, you will almost certainly find a suitable location within a reasonable distance.


Moving is distressing, and if you are moving to Toronto from a distance, you may prefer to rent a place that is already furnished rather than bringing your own furniture. Furnished apartments for rent in Toronto are typically more expensive than unfurnished apartments, but the added convenience may be worth the additional cost. Inquire with the landlord or property manager about the quality of the furnishings, and take a tour of the apartment to see for yourself.

Short Term Lease

Moving to Toronto on a temporary basis? In Toronto, a short term tenancy is any lease lasting less than one year. Consider searching for sublets or lease transfers. You will be interacting directly with the current tenant, so ensure that you have a written agreement outlining your respective responsibilities.

Business Housing

Temporarily establishing a workplace in Toronto? Numerous rental properties welcome tenants who are in the city for employment. They will be furnished and equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing you to live the ideal and take work home if necessary after a long day at the office. Typically, Toronto corporate housing has weekly and monthly rates and is populated by professionals.

Student Residences

The entire metropolis of Toronto is filled with educational institutions of the highest calibre. Student accommodation in Toronto tends to be concentrated in neighbourhoods with convenient public transportation, affordable rent, high density housing, and pubs. Start your quest in areas such as The Annex, Kensington Market, Church and Wellesley, and York University Heights.

Low Cost Housing

Toronto is not a mystery as one of the most expensive Canadian cities to reside in. The high prices may be prohibitive for many people and can have a significant impact on your choice of residence. Even the most budget conscious tenant can still find affordable apartments to rent in Toronto. Explore areas such as Harwood, east Danforth, and Mimico. If possible, take a tour of the property to ensure it meets your standards.

Luxury Lodgings

In Toronto, there is no scarcity of available residences. The nation's financial and commercial centre has a place for everyone. Looking for a destination that is certain to impress? In Toronto, luxury apartments frequently command a substantial price tag. But if you're looking for an impressive living space that will impress your guests, you'll have no trouble finding it here.


Those desiring a gentler tempo of life will be disappointed. Toronto is largely what one makes of it. In reality, the metropolis resembles several communities merged into one. The majority of existence in Toronto centres on employment. Locals of the city are typically impassioned about what they do – or their side endeavour – and have a desired destination. Because of this, it may appear as though everyone is always rushing. In actuality, it doesn't take long to get to know people in Toronto. Take time to meet new people and engage in new activities if you are new to the area. Toronto will soon be as cordial and welcoming as any small municipality, if not more so.


Subway lines, buses, and streetcars make up Toronto's robust transit system. In addition, there are a number of significant highways, including the 401. There are numerous beautiful natural areas with Allan Gardens and High Park standing out. Don't neglect to visit the beach and Harbourfront area. You will never run out of things to do in Toronto, from visiting the Royal Ontario Museum to attempting an escape room to witnessing a performance at one of the city's many theatres. There are several malls as well as big box retailers. Every neighbourhood has a grocery store. Also, attempt to visit various neighbourhoods (Little Italy, Greektown, Little India, Chinatown, etc) to sample the cuisine offered by the city's numerous restaurants.