"Dear Viewit Representative
I can't express how happy i was with your company. I listed my apartment on your web site and the very next day i was flooded with phone calls. It took less then a week to find a very nice couple as tenants. You're staff was very pleasant and helpful to all my needs. I want to thank you sincerely for all your help. I was a little scared when I posted my add in the two major newspapers witch I won't name , I didn't get any response at all for three weeks, and I don't have to tell you how much that cost. I PROMISE you that ViewIt will be the first and only place I call if the occasion ever arises to list my apartment again. Thank You! Thank You! "
         -Serena K.

"Dear Viewit Staff:
Have to say that I wasn't overly-optimistic when I placed my ad with your service, but figured that it was so much cheaper than advertising in the paper that I'd give it a shot. Well, within a day or two of my ad and photos being posted (and it was so great to be able to write a "real" description!), I started to get quality calls. In less than a month, and
without too much disruption to my current tenants' lives, I've rented the apartment. With no downtime either, which is a real bonus. As a realtor, I've given the name of your website to my clients and friends who have rental units and will surely use you again in future. Thanks!"

"This is the third time we’ve used Viewit.ca and again have had an excellent experience! We had a very strong response to our place, were able to show it to quality candidates who already knew what it looked like and easily found the right tenant. Viewit.ca is the only way to go for anyone that has an apartment to rent. Highly recommended!!!!!!"
         -Thanks, Olga & Chris

"Hi: just wanted to let you know that my apt has finally been rented. It was leased last week to a great couple who have re-located here from France. They saw your AD re; the apt at Davenport/Ossington and came out to check it out. They loved the place and I loved them. Thanks for helping us find each other..lol Should I need your services again in the future, I will happily call. "
         -Sincerely, Michelina S

"You were absolutely right! We were very pleased with the traffic on viewit.ca. We had more responses in one week by advertising on your website than we had in a month (at 4 times the cost!) by advertising in the paper. In the future, we will not bother advertising in the paper and will come directly to you. We have also told everyone we know with an apartment to rent to call you directly and forget about the paper. Thank you for contacting us, and we look forward to doing business again with you in the future."
         -Regards, Deborah K

"Dear Viewit.ca
Could you please remove our ad as it has been rented. Your service is truly valuable and we will be using it again for our other units when needed. We had an ad in the paper for 3 weeks and rented the apartment in one day with your service! It really does save time to have potential tenants see exactly what you have to offer. Your photographer and staff were also very professional. Thanks again. You will definitely hear from us again."
(P.S. feel free to use our letter as a testimonial but please just use my initials D.C.)

"I've recently had a huge turn-over in tenants. The savior in this whole affair is Viewit.ca. The big difference is that the ads cost way less than the paper, you get pictures, you can make changes, and you can actually speak with a live person. It has been a great pleasure to deal with you. Thanks for everything."
         -Bruce H.

"I have just completed using your service to rent a unit in Etobicoke, and it was very successful.I had approx. 30 calls of interest and I rented to an individual from Alberta.This is the best route to go for anyone looking for good tenants. I am very pleased and would recommend this service to everyone who has rental property. A great deal for the price. Until next time..Thanks"
         -Randy M

"Dear viewit,
We are so happy to have rented our basement after 3 days only on your site. We tried for 2 months with the classic and expensive one-day-shot ideas. We had so many more interested people call, having seen the photos, than with 2 lines of very expensive non-descriptive text that don't make a difference; not like photos and lots of words do! This is such a dead-on solution, why think of going about it any other backwards way than the obvious?"
         -P and F, Toronto

"David and Staff,
I wanted to express my gratitude and contentment with the ad placed on your web site. The public response was incredible and had the place rented out in a week. Your marketing strategy was great. I will continue to use your service with other properties as a house will become available in the summer. This is an valuable service with up-to-date technology particularly with your slide slow presentation. Your staff was very professional and courteous, providing excellent detailed information on your service. Keep up the good work!"
         -Regards, Greg B

"We were quite pleased with your service. Good photography by your guy, combined with the opportunity to provide a detailed description of the apartment, resulted in a substantial number of inquiries and rental within four days of posting the ad. We'll definitely be turning to viewit.ca next time we have an apartment to rent. BTW, you're welcome to use this pat on the back in your promotion. "
         -Good luck, Michael C

Actually, the unit was finally rented on Friday. I stopped advertising everywhere else after a week of being on Viewit because the response was exponentially better! I had very many inquiries, especially from the States, so I will definitely come back to Viewit when I need to rent out the unit again. I have recommended your service to some other friends who are soon to be landlords. Thanks for reactivating the ad, and I am glad to ask you to deactivate it now!"
         -Marc L

"I would like to thank you for your help in renting my apartment and can assure you that your web site is now saved in my Favorites. The next time I have a vacant apartment I will be listing with your company. I will call you in the morning to personally thank you and to settle any accounts owing."
         -Thank you again Eldon W.

"Dear Viewit,
The experience renting through your service was to say the least stunning. We had day after day of enquiry, all of whom seemed excellent in their demeanour, but shopping carefully given the renter's market that's out there. We were sceptical at first and surprised with the response. On a scale of ten I'd give it a ten. We have three apts and the next time we'll be looking for your service once again. Keep up the good work. Thanks again,"
         -Richard S

"Dear Viewit representative:
We are happy to inform you that we have rented our apartment to an excellent tenant at the price we asked for as a result of our ad on your site !! So you can remove the listing immediately. Just like to share that we are thrilled with the service and results that we received from your website -- congratulations on a very good concept and team. You are doing a great service to all the conscientious and decent landlords and tenants out there! Feel free to use my "happy landlord" testimonial for promotional purposes. Best wishes, "
         -Maria L.

"Well, I thought Viewit.ca would just bring me potential tenants from the Ontario Region. Over the past months, I have rented suites to people from British Columbia, Sugarland Florida, and have had calls from Israel ! I also thought that the 'potential tenant' had to see the suite in person- not true! They viewed the pictures on Viewit, made their decision and the suites were rented- cheques recieved and the lease signed! One tenant from Alberta and the other from Cleveland Tennessee-this is amazing. Thanks to Viewit.ca for your continued support."
         -Jeff B.

"Thanks! I got more hits with viewit.ca than any other website and print ad combined. The online photos and personalized ad page made all the difference in this extremely competitive market. I'll definitely use your service again."
         -Sarah G.

"I can't tell you how happy we are with View-it, and I'm writing today to ask you to discontinue our ad because we've rented the apartment. Actually, we rented it in two days, and we must have had at least 50 calls. We had a little difficulty because we rented to a student in Texas and her money got lost in transit between her bank and ours, but we've just heard from the bank that they've found the money (!!!), and we're ready to cancel the ad.
We found View-it completely by accident when we were listing with the U of T Housing Service-there was a link to you on their home page. We listed with four other agencies at the same time and had two responses from U of T, none from the others, and a zillion from View-it. I credit this to the photos. Your advertising is true: the availability of the slide show narrows down the applicants to people who are really interested, and saves them a lot of trouble too. I've owned this house for 15 years, and never rented an apartment this fast, and neither have I had so many applicants who were lovely people, people we would have been glad to have in our house. Yours very truely,"
         -Tim & Geraldine W.

"I just wanted to let you know that our apartment has been rented so the ad should be removed from your site as soon as possible so we don't get more calls. Thanks very much for your service. Regards, "
         -Catherine J. Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

"Dear staff at viewit.ca,
After using your online service at viewit, we wouldn't even consider placing any future ads for our basement apartment in the newspaper. The potential tenants who came to see our apartment were definitely there as a result of viewing your slide show which eliminated all those who were not truly interested. We had several contenders and my husband and I realized that in the end, we would have a tough decision to make because there were so many good applicants.
Once again, many thanks for your help and we wish you continued success with your very valuable and convenient service to landlords and tenants alike. "
         -LM, Toronto

Just wanted to say that the apartment has been rented! I am so happy that I chose to have our apartment shown with your company. It made it so easy for me when prospective tenants from the newspaper called to tell them to check out our ad on Viewit.ca before hand and to call if they were still interested. Thank you very much for the great service! Sincerely,"

"Apartment is rented out .. mission accomplished !! We will definitely use this service again.
         -John M

"Thank you so much for your helpful service. I was very pleased not only with the low cost, but that you were able to take pictures of my property the very next day, and have it up on the web that afternoon. I don't know if this is a record for your service, but I virtually had my property rented 4 hours after posting... only references to check etc. I would definitely recommend your service, website design and helpfulness. "
         -Tanya E. Manager, Special Projects, BMO Financial Group

"How would I rate my experience with your website? Definitely a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10! Good enough? I was flooded with inquiries. It was much better, and I would come back again. Thank you!"
         -Renate, Toronto

"Unbelievable! The word on the streets is true - posting your place on Viewit is the #1 way to find a tenant, fast! "
         -Bob P, Legal Counsel

"A quick note to let you know Viewit.ca has come through for me again. The apartment has now been rented. Please remove the ad from your site. Thanks."
         -Christopher V., Toronto

"Using Viewit.ca to rent our apartment saved us hundreds of dollars in classified advertising and attracted discerning potential renters. Saves time, costs less, and helps to make the right match – a great and well executed idea! "
         -Kevin M, Toronto

"Dear View It Staff,
I wanted to thank you again for this wonderful website. It's an excellent tool for both renters and landlords and has been very helpful in renting our apartment. Everyone in your company was very courteous and quick to make any requested changes. I have recommended this site to several people and hope that it will continue to grow in future ."
         -Izumi K, Toronto

"As a busy professional, I appreciate anything that can save me time and money. I only received qualified, interested applicants. There were "no surprises" when people came to see the place and the rental was smooth and easy. I now have a great tenant - thanks in large part to Viewit. "
         -Brett Y, Toronto

"Thank you for this Great Service. I am very impressed with the response. "
         -Suzanne T, Lindt & Sprungli

"I have successfully rented my apartment! I just wanted to let you know that my experience using Viewit.ca was nothing but positive. You took great photos of my place and getting my rental apartment posted online was convenient, easy and affordable. I didn’t have to wait like I’ve had to wait with newspapers to have my ad appear or pay high prices for a very limited amount of advertising space. I recommend Viewit.ca to anyone looking to advertise or find a place! Thanks, "
         -Mira C, Toronto

"Please note that the apartment has been rented. Thank you for your work. I will definitely recommend your services or use them again next time. "
         -Sharon D, Toronto

"I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to advertise my apartments on your website. I have rented both apartments this week, and I will definitely come back to you as soon as I need further advertisement, and I will recommend you wherever it is possible. Thanks again. "
         -Renate Z, Toronto

"The apartment has been rented out. Please remove the listing from the site. Thank you very much for your help. This is by far the best way to rent out an apartment. I will recommend this service to anyone. Thanks, "
         -Phil D, Toronto         

"Just wanted to let you know that I have rented the room.. Thank you very much, I am amazed at how quickly it worked and will definitely recommend you to everybody I know. "
         -Claire B, Toronto

" I'm 110% satisfied with not only the quick response but also the cost. Thank you so much for your wonderful service."
         -John L, Toronto

Property Manager Testimonials

"We like the convenience of your site; it saves time for our clients & us. The pictures allow us to show --& tenants to see-- the condominiums online first. We'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you that we are very pleased with the relationship we have established with Viewit. We look forward to future dealings with you. "
         -Gerry Dileo. Vice President, Rental Lifestyle Group

"Just a quick note to praise your service. I am happy as it's a cost effective way to reduce not only my advertising budget, but my vacancy rate as well. You've been updating & making my new ads almost immediately ensuring my online presence is always current. "
         -Correen P. Vita Construction

"Our advertising on viewit.ca has been very successful. Our applicants say the website is easy to use and they like the pictures of the units presented in the Slide Show. The Viewit staff is always available to help or present ideas. Great site. "
         -Amanda W. O'Shanter PM

"The time saved advertising with Viewit.ca is great. Keeping our ads current is done almost instantaneously. Twenty-five of our buildings are online & the rest of our portfolio is in their database which I can activate or de-activate as needed. More importantly, the response and caliber of renters has increased while vacancy & costs have decreased. "
         -Roxane S. Metcap Living