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Apartment rent inspections

Apartment Inspections: What To KnowRent inspections otherwise known as property inspections or walk-throughs are conducted by landlords or property managers. Most often they occur before and after a tenant moves in/out to verify the condition of the space, however landlords can also inspect their property throughout the year while their unit is occupied. These inspections should always be done with proper notification to the tenant, generally 24 hours notice. Some landlords may give notice weeks in advance. Landlords cannot show up unannounced. They can, however, drive or walk past the property to inspect and ensure the exterior is being maintained. How often a property tends to be inspected throughout the year:Depending on the landlord/property manager, inspections can range from one to three times a year. Some lease agreements will include this information. Anything more would indicate a landlord is likely going beyond a general inspection.What Are Landlords Checking For: Landlords tend to want to check if their property is in the same condition as the moment the tenant moved in. Some items on their list may include:·Holes in the walls·Gouges in the hardwood flooring·Evidence of a pet, if pets were not allowed·Fire and smoke detectors are in working condition·Ensuring all plumbing, electricity and appliances are working·Confirming that the property is being maintained according to the lease terms·Verifying that nothing included with the apartment is missing or damagedMove In/Move Out Inspections:Inspections are also expected upon moving out of a rental property. This walk-through can be with or without the tenant. It is suggested that tenants document or voice any concerns of the unit in to ensure a proper security deposit return. Things to look for may include markings on the wall and broken appliances. It is important for the tenant to inspect the property as closely as the landlord.